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Company Profile:

                COMPANY PROFILE
Optima-Knit is a tricot company, established in 2005. We combine the enthusiasm of a young company with the know-how of experienced employees. Our company is specialized in delivering custom tricot, fulfilling each individual customer’s needs. With our circular knitting machines, we produce a wide variety of fine tricot fabric.
We have a very good connection with  the international world of textile. We can obtain any thread, stitch bonded fabric or technique that our customer requires.
Thanks to our close contacts and good collaborations within the dyeing- and clothing-industry, we can take care of the process up to a finished product.
Our ability to satisfy customer needs by producing custom tricot fabrics has lead to an ever growing national, as well as international, customer base. Our modern management, punctuality and accuracy have also contributed to our company’s success.
To find out what Optima-Knit can manufacture for you, you are welcome to contact us for an appointment.



                ABOUT OPTIMA-KNIT

Optima-knit BV started on 17 August 2005 (KvK (Chambre of Commerce) No. 1718810). Jan Opsteegh is the founder, co-proprietor and manager. He has over 30 years of experience, giving him a in depth knowledge of textile and its production. For advice and information you are invited to make an appointment with Jan Opsteegh.


Optima-Knit BV